Friday, November 09, 2007

Playing Catch Up

The past month at the Skinkle house has been a month full of days that were spent playing catch up. It seems like as soon as we finish one task or activity we realize we are behind on another task. As soon as we think we are caught up, we think of one or two things that are still not done. Take this blog for example. I have had several days where I got the end of day and had a million things I wanted to blog, but as soon as I get on the computer to blog, I realize I have emails that need replied too, so the blogging goes undone. So, in my effort to "catch up" I am posting a blog today. Here is just a small list of what has been going on in the Skinkle house...
  • Prof took his motorcycle training class. He has found 2 motorcycles that he likes. Neither of which looks like the one I posted. He will be testing driving them this weekend and then hopefully in the next week or so we will be adding the motorcycle he picks to the family.
  • Our good friends The Carrolls moved back to Texas. We have already had 2 playdates and are playing to have one playdate a week from now on.
  • Wild Man has discovered the art of making up songs. Most all of his songs are made up in the car and he always about half way through he says, "Sing with me". Sometimes we will be talking and he will just all of a sudden say, "I have a song about that" and then just break out into song. I love it!
  • Little One still is not saying much. She is figuring out how to communicate in other ways. She nods her head a lot (which is the cutest thing I have ever seen because she is so dramatic when she does it). She also knows how to let us know she is not happy. She has the art of fit throwing down almost perfectly. She has moments where we can tell she is trying to tell us something because she just begins to babble away. She sounds like one of those asian ladies at the nail place. It too funny.
  • About a month ago, I began to praying diligently about whether or not to stop my Initials and join another company, where I could earn more than I am with Initials. Within a week I had 3 parties on my calendar, with people I did not know, and 1 new team member. I took this as my answer. October was the biggest month I have so far with Initials, and November is going to be bigger. God is good!
  • I, for the first time ever, forgot what day my parent's anniversary was on. For some reason I put it on my calendar for Nov 11, then the more I looked at it, I realized that was not right. So, I had to ask mom. I know it was pretty embarassing. But, hey, I did remember to call her on the special day.
  • We are almost to the end of one of the hardest semesters in school Prof has ever had. We can not wait until it is over! Then he only has 2 more classes and he is done with classes! YAY!
  • For some reason I began Christmas shopping super early this year and so I only have a few more gifts to buy. Of course, when you are poor like us this is an easy task, but you can't buy much. :-)

Well, those are some highlights. I hope you enjoyed getting a little glimpse of our life.