Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A little bit of nothing...

So, I am home today AGAIN with a sick Wild Man. I say AGAIN because since the first of the year one of us has been sick with with something. I have Lysoled until I am blue in the face. I am just so sick of sickness. I am so ready for all four of us to be well at one time. It would certainly make life easier.

Being sick has helped in some areas. I have lost almost 15 lbs since the first of the year and I have been able to keep up with the shows I am interested in this season. I also have a little more time to blog.

I am getting sucked into The Bachelor more than I thought I would. I really think Jason is a great guy who is doing this show for all the right reasons. I can not stand Megan and I hope she is gone soon. I LOVE Stephanie and would be so excited that is who he ends up with. But, it is still too early to tell.

Professor and I have started making remodeling plans for our house. Not sure when we start the work, but the plan is to redo our kitchen and master bedroom/bathroom area this year. So, hopefully we will start soon. Until we decide exactly when and how we are going to do everything, we will probably be spending a lot of time at Home Depot or Lowe's. If you have redone a bathroom and/or kitchen, I would love any advice I can get.

Okay, well I have run out of things to say, so I am signing off for today.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Historical Day

I told myself I was not going to blog about this. In fact, after just watching The Bachelor, I really have a lot of thoughts I want to share on that topic, but the truth is today is a big day for America. I know there people all over watching something take place today that they never thought would ever happen. That is right, whether we voted for it or not, today in will go down as the day the first black man took an oath to serve our country as President. I have to admit I am not watching the whole thing on TV, mainly because the kids are home and they are easier to deal with when the disney channel is on. I also have to admit that while I appreciate how important this day is, I have no desire to watch it. I did not vote for him and to be honest I am not real thrilled he is our new President. I think that the days we have ahead of us will be difficult and I believe that he will make decisions, that will impact the future of our country greatly. I believe, as a Christian, it will most likely become increasingly harder to live our comfortable christian lives. However, I also believe that God has a plan through all this. I believe that He will use this time for His Glory! I think that no matter who we voted for or what we believe about the new president, we do need to sit back today and think about how far our country has come and then we, as Christians, need to make a strong commitment to pray for our new president and our country more than ever. We need to pray that God will use Obama to lead this country exactly where He wants our country to be, and the scary thing is, that might be right into some of the hardest days we have seen, but we need to be ready for that. God uses EVERYTHING for HIS GLORY! So, today in front of the whole blog world, I am making a commitment to appreciate the meaning of today and use it as a reason to become serious about praying for our country and our new president (whether I like him or not!).

Thursday, January 08, 2009

First Blog of the Year

Well it is official...I have not blogged since last year!! :-) Okay really, it has only been two months, but I could not resist with it being a new year and all. I could give all the excuses in the world about why I haven't blogged, but it all comes down to the fact that at the end of a day, when given the choice between bed and blogging, I cave. I choose bed. However, the Holidays are over and we are finally somewhat getting into a routine in our new house, so there is a great possibility that I will resume the frequent blogging.

Last year around this time I blogged about my hopes and dreams for 2008. I had no clue that my year would be as wonderful as it has been. I set some high goals for myself, and to be honest, didn't achieve any of them, but that is what 2009 is for, right?

2008 highlights:
  • Professor finished the course work for his PhD
  • We moved 3 times
  • We bought our first house
  • Wild Man started Pre-K and turned 5 (this was a hard birthday for me - not sure why)
  • Princess T's vocabulary went from nothing to everything almost over night
  • I promoted in my business from Partner to Leader (this is a great thing!)
  • Professor's sister got married - Professor performed the wedding, Wild Man was a ring bearer, and Princess T was a Flower Girl (who I ended up having to carry down the aisle because she fell asleep)
  • We were able to host Christmas Dinner at our new home and we had everyone - Professor's family and my family - it is possibly the best Christmas I have ever had.

What does 2009 hold for the Skinkle Family?

  • NO MOVING!!! For the first time in a long time I can honestly tell you we will not move this year. We will break our trend of moving once a year and stay here for a long time.
  • Wild Man will start Kindergarten and go to public school - this scares me out of my mind, but I know it will be great and he will love it!!
  • Princess T will be potty trained - "Diaper Free before Three!!"
  • I would love to promote to Senior Leader with my company (I am very close)
  • I would love to end 2009 wearing the same size clothes I wore when I met Lee
  • Professor is set to graduate December 2009

Okay, so here is to another year and hopefully more blogging. :-)