Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

As I sit here on my couch thinking about 2009 and what this year has meant for our family, I become overwhelmed with joy. God has been so good to us this year. Not only did HE meet every need we had, He gave us more!

Highlights from 2009:
  • Our family went to Disney World in September
  • Wild Man started Kindergarten and is having a great school year so far
  • Wild Man asked Jesus into his heart over Christmas break - PTL!!!
  • Princess T started Pre-K and loves it!
  • Princess T continues to learn how to express herself - she is very dramatic now :)
  • Manders has lost 40 lbs since April and Professor has lost 35 lbs.
  • Professor got finally approval on his dissertation and WILL graduate in May 2010
  • We DID NOT move!!!!
  • God continues to bless my Initials, inc home business
  • Professor continues to LOVE his job!!
  • We welcomed our first niece on Professors side of the family in the to world in November
  • We have been blessed to spend more time with Professor's family this year since distance is not as much of an issue
  • We bought a Mini Van!!!! This moved us back to being a 2 car family!!

What we look forward to in 2010...
  • Watching Wild Man grow in his new walk with the Lord and maybe loose some teeth :)
  • Professor and myself each have about 15-20 lbs we want to loose
  • Princess T turns 4 - this is so hard for me to believe
  • Professor and I will celebrate 8 years of marriage
  • Professor WILL be graduating in May
I am ready to see God move in our family this year! Happy New Year!!!