Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Isn't that impressing?

My little princess makes me smile so much!!  She has her times where she makes me mad and completely frustrated, but overall she makes me smile.  I love the age she is at right now. She will be six in a few weeks, which is impossible to believe!  She is very independent, but also very dependent at the same time. She can do a lot on her own (and prefers to most times), however, she will curl up in my lap in a heartbeat just to remind me that she does still need me! She loves playing basketball, but would much rather be getting all dolled up and pretending she is a mom to her babies.  She loves using big words, even when she doesn't know what they mean!  For example, when she does or says something that she considers amazing or really smart she will ask us, "Isn't that impressing that I can do that?" She has also learned to read and is trying to figure out why some words sound so different than how they are spelled.  Here is one of my favorite examples....

Princess T: You know mommy, when you spell Ma-Ma it really looks like you are saying Mama.  I think we need to say Maw Maw.  How do you spell that mommy?
Me:  How do you think it's spelled?  (trying to get her sound out words as much as possible)
Princess T: (after saying it a few times..) I think it is spelled M-A-L-L M-A-L-L!

Oh how I love my Princess and her little mind!!  I thank God every day for giving her to me!!

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

The Dentist

So, I took the kids to the dentist today...for the FIRST time!!  And for another first....Wild Man was the difficult one.  He just does not like new things.  He hates the unknown!!  I guess this is my fault since I am just now taking him, and he is 8.  He didn't mind them cleaning his teeth or even poking at them.  What he hated was having his teeth x-rayed.  You know when they put those things in your mouth and make you bite down, but you feel like they are paper cutting the roof of your mouth....that's what he hated!  To be honest I don't blame him either.  However, he didn't have to be pain about it!  Seriously!!  I felt so bad for the little dental hygienist girl.  She was so sweet, but I could tell she was a little annoyed with his stubbornness, and really not happy when the dentist told her she needed another x-ray done on his teeth.  All in all, it wasn't too bad.  He has 2 cavities that we have to go back and have filled, but for never being to the dentist, I say that's good.  Princess T did fabulous!!  She was extremely cooperative and has NO cavities!!!