Wednesday, February 13, 2013

10 Years

This week I have been overwhelmed with thoughts of my life 10 years ago.  I know that sounds funny, but once you read more you will understand.  See, 10 years ago, about this time of year, I was just a few weeks pregnant with my first child.  I was clueless to how much my life was really going to change, but I knew there was change coming.  I was in my first semester of classes at new school, in a new city, surrounded by new everything! Life really felt hard to say the least.  At age 21, I was having to make some big decisions.  See, we had just moved so that my husband (we had only been married a few months) could go to school.  I was not about to let him quit.  After all, God called him to be the provider for our family and that provision including some more years in school.  So, I made one of the toughest decisions I had ever had to make up until that point in my life.  I took a break.  A break from what you might ask?  A break from my plan.  My plan to finish college and start the job I had always wanted, teaching school.  I had to submit to a new plan, God's plan, for my life, which included not finishing my degree.  This decision wasn't made easily, and was met with great controversy.  Everyone had their own opinion of what I should do.  Only problem was, they weren't me and if I listened to them, I would be disobedient to God, the only person that really matters.  After my spring semester I did just that...took a break from my plan and began to learn what it looked like to embrace God's plan completely.  This was was not easy for me, but I am so glad I did it! 

Now here I sit 10 years later....being so thankful that 10 years ago I took a break.  God has taught me so much over the past 10 years.  I can't even imagine what my life would be like if I had not submitted.  I still struggle sometimes with with calling on my life to be full time mom and wife, but God is continue to grow me into what He has called me to be.  He has also given an incredible opportunity to go back to school.  If I had fought 10 years ago and stayed in school, I would be done now, with a job, and tons of student loans!  Now, here I am finishing my degree and will finish with NO LOANS!!  God is so good!