Friday, February 29, 2008

It's Here!!

Initials Inc's Spring Summer 2008 Catalog is here!!

The Job

As many of you know by now, Prof was offered, what we saw as a wonderful opportunity, at the Seminary. Before Christmas the job was presented to him and he was asked to pray about it. So, we prayed for well over a month. We knew that taking this job would mean our life in Fort Worth would be more permanent, meaning Fort Worth could possible be home forever. After much prayer, Prof and I just did not have a strong feeling one way or another. So, we sat down and figured out how much money it would take for us to stay. Basically we took his salary now (which is pretty much nothing) added a house (basic house- nothing fancy), another car (we are all agreement we need another car) and moeny for Wild Man to attend the school we had decided he would go to if we stayed. All of this equaled an amount that we figured was fair. Compared to what Lee could be making at secular job right now, it was very little. So, we decided to pray that if this job was what God has for us next that the money would not be issue. We knew what we needed to settle here and we just decided if it was Gods plan He would make sure we got what we needed.

Here is where it gets tricky. They officially offered him the position this past Tuesday and showed him what the pay would be. It was significantly lower and not much more than what he making now. Our first reaction was to counter offer. Let's tell them what they need to pay you to stay. However, we decided that would be us making something happen, afterall, we had asked God to show us His direction based on how much the job paid. So, Prof declined the postion.

Here is the issue....we are getting mixed responses from our friends and family. On one hand we hear "oh you definitely did the right thing!" and the other hand we hear, "if it is God's plan money should not be factor and plus at Prof's age the amount that was offered should be enough. Being in ministry means you give up things."

I have thought and thought about this and here is what I think. Being in ministry, being a christian period, does not always mean you give up things. I believe God wants to give us the desires of our heart, but more importantly I believe God GIVES US the desires we have on our heart. I believe that if that postition were where we were supposed to go next God would have made it all okay for us, but He didn't. I don't think that makes us selfish people. I think that simply means we just want to be where God wants us to be and God chose to tell us He did not want us to take the position, by allowing the pay to not be what we needed it to be.

So, far now we are still playing the waiting game and just praying that God will continue to guide our path to whereever the next phase of our life will be.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


You are probably wondering where I am. If you find me, please let me know where I can find myself. :-) Seriously, life has been so crazy lately. I just feel like we go from one thing to another and when we are at home it is just one battle after another with the kids. So, when I stop, I crash. I have managed, some how, to loose 5 pounds and keep it off. 45 to go! I have also managed to work out atleast 3 days a week, if not more and I have started tanning again, after a 5 year break.

Wild Man is going through a super whiney stage right now. It is about to drive me insane. The other day I was asking him why he was having a hard time obeying me and he say, "I just don't feel like being good today." I felt like that was an honest answer. There are some days I don't feel like being good either.

After this post Little One will be referred to as Princess T. She has mastered the art of fit throwing and giving daddy the "I am so innocent" face (she knows it doesn't work with me). She walks around the house with her blanket around her neck all the time now. This is her way of being a princess. If you say, " Are you a princess?" She will, without hesitation, nod her head yes and smile really big. She has also decided she likes to sit on the potty. She has not gone yet, but I am pretty sure I spent half the day yesterday in the bathroom with her. Maybe she will catch on quickly. That would be nice! She has also really begun to say alot of words. However, "No" is still her favorite and she is getting very good at saying it.

Prof has a very busy semester this Spring. He is doing LOTS of research and refining his proposal for his dissertation. He is teaching again and loving his class so much! He has also begun to put his resume out, just to see what happens. There is very strong possiblity that God may be calling us to stay in Fort Worth. So, please pray for wisdom in this area.

Well, that is what has been happening in the Skinkle house lately.