Wednesday, February 02, 2011

My Princess and Her Daddy

Every year our church does a Dads and Dolls Tea Party for the preschool girls and their dads. This is the 2nd year Professor and Princess T have gone. Last year, I am not sure she knew what was going on, but this year she did! She was so excited! She picked out her dress the night before. Took a shower and even put some make up on before she went. I fixed her hair and let her wear one of my necklaces. She looked beautiful! Then she proceeded to tell Professor what he needed to wear. They were precious.

When they got home the Princess went on and on about how much fun it was. She talked about how her daddy painted her fingernails and they had their picture taken. She also told me that she painted his finger nails! And, boy did she! They were all colors of glitter! And he wore that finger nail polish all day. We went all over town and he pulled it off great!

Some of you might be laughing, but I grew up with a dad who would have done the same thing for me! He would have and still does anything for me!There is not greater blessing ever! I am so thankful that My Princess has the same kind of daddy I had! I could not wish for anything greater for her! I am also thankful that just like my daddy, her daddy teaches her about the Father she will always have!