Friday, March 28, 2008

The Belt

There is story about me that my mom (BB) loves to tell. When I was around Wild Man's age I came home from preschool one day and told her I needed a new pair of jeans. However, these jeans I needed had to have "LEE" on the back of them. Apparently Lee jeans were pretty popular then (I guess we didn't have Gap, Old Navy, or Gymboree yet) and all the kids in my class (according me) had a pair of these Lee jeans. So, of course I needed a pair. I think it is the first time I asked for something because I saw others had it. It was definitely not the last either.

We have definitely hit that stage at our house with Wild Man. However, for him name brands don't matter. He has not recognized that his clothes come from his cousin, not the store. I am so greatful for this! In fact, Wild Man, is usually pretty content with whatever we put on him. So, going to church in khakis and a polo shirt have not bothered him one bit. Because, we do not "dress up" for church we have never invested in a belt for him to wear and it really has not bothered him. However, a few weeks ago that changed.

Wild Man came home from church one Sunday and asked if he could have a belt when he turned 5, because a friend in his class just turned 5 and he wears belts to church. I laughed inside, because this was such a simple request on his part. So, I told him he didn't have to wait until he was 5, we could go ahead and get him a belt. The next week, while we are shopping for Easter clothes, I let him help me pick out a belt for him to wear. It is amazing how such a little request could please Wild Man so much. We bought the belt and now he thinks he is big boy because he has a belt. He tells everyone he talks to, like it is the best thing that has ever happened to him. He is very proud of his new belt.

Here is a picture of Wild Man sporting the new belt....

So, he will now be wearing this belt every Sunday to church. I can not believe how grown up it makes him look.