Thursday, October 21, 2010

Funny Conversations

Conversation #1:
We saw some geese in an unusual location yesterday...this is the conversation that followed...

Princess T: Those are the geese from the park.
Manders: Really? Do you think so?
Princess T: Yes, they are! They came here because it was cold at the park. The sun is shining here and they love the sun. (She went on for a minute about how much the geese love the sun)
Wild Man: Tori, I am not so sure about the geese and sun thing. I will have to look it up when we get home.

Conversation #2:
Wild Man has been learning things on his own with the World Book set that is in his room...

Wild Man: Mommy, I know why daddy is 31! (I think what he is trying to say here is that he knows why Professor is older than me)
Manders: Why?
Wild Man: Because Georgia was made in 1788 and Mississippi was made in 1817.

Conversation #3:
For Creative Writing today I asked Wild Man to write about an invention that he would create if he could...he wrote that he was going to create a robot girl machine that would cook breakfast lunch and supper.

Manders: Why did you make the machine a girl?
Wild Man: Because, it is going to cook.
Manders: Do you think only girls can cook?
Wild Man: Yes. And my robot is going to also have an alarm clock that she can know exactly what time time to cook everything.

(Those who know me well know why this is funny - I mean how in the world did he come to that conclusion??!!)

Conversation #4:
While I am doing school with Wild Man, Princess T enjoys playing outside. The other day she took her baby outside with her. She pushed her baby on the swing and helped her baby go down the slide. This is the conversation that happened when she came inside:

Manders: Did you have fun outside?
Princess T: Yes and my baby likes the swing. She doesn't like the slide though because she fell off and hurt her back. See? (as she shows me the baby's back).
Manders: (trying to play along...) I am sorry. I hope she feels better soon.
Princess T: She is fine because she is not even bleeding.

I love my kid's minds. Truthfully, these cute things they say that make me laugh all the time are what keep me going during the bad days.