Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Funny Kids!

The past couple days my kids have just been so funny! So, I thought I would share.

"Princess T, I am pretty sure you are going to be on the naughty list." - Wild Man

"Momma, Rhode Island better watch out! They are going to get a lot of rain today! I think they are going to flood!" - Wild Man after watching the weather channel

"I am not going to be your daughter anymore!" - Princess T after being sent to her room for being mean to Wild Man

"Coupons make Jesus happy." - Princess T of my attempt at explaining why I was going to a coupon class at church

Friday, November 12, 2010

Just Obey Me!

One thing that I find myself a lot this days is saying, "Just obey me! Trust me you will be glad you did!" For some reason my kids just don't get it yet. One of them is beginning to get it, but the other one just doesn't care (and I am saying which is which because if you know us you know which one is which).

However, lately God has been showing me that in His own loving way He has the same problem with me. Sometimes He tells me what to do and I say "Why?" or I decide I am not going to do it His way and He says, "Just obey Me! Trust me you will be glad you did!"

The latest case of this was just this week. On Sunday my mom told me about a family that we knew who did have food. My first reaction was to be judgmental. I had a million reason why I personally should not help them. But, God said, "Just do it! I have blessed you and I have blessed you so you can bless others! Give them food out of your cabinets and other items you have "stocked up" on." Trust me, I asked why! And HE said, "Just do it! Just obey me!" So I did. I took out some grocery bags and filled them up with the extra He had blessed us with! I put things in there that we really enjoyed. Once I done and looked at everything I was able to give my heart was full of joy! I felt so peaceful inside and so thankful that I was able to help when God asked me to!

Now, I am not telling you this to toot my own horn or say look at me I am wonderful because I am doing this. I am telling you this, but I know many of you are like me. I just want to share what God reminded me of this week. When we obey HE blesses us! Now, my blessing came when I heard how wonderful our church was to this family and knowing that I was able to be a part of that.

Here is the other fun part to all this that God reminded me this week. When you give...HE blesses!! Sometimes it is just that inner joy of knowing that you have helped someone or been a part of something big and honestly if that is all He gives you....its enough! Trust me! But, sometimes, because He loves us so much, He gives us more. Sometimes its in the form of money or other things that happen. Well this week He chose to bless me more than I deserved! On Thursday (the day after I took the food for the family mentioned above), I had the best Kroger trip to date! I saved 72% on my groceries! Now, many of you that know me and know that I am learning to coupon might say that was just luck or coincidence. Maybe I just had better coupons or something. I am here to tell you that HE laid extra coupons all over the store for me! I can not explain it. I just kept finding coupons just laying around either that someone had left or that were in the dispensers next to items. He also allowed things to be on sale that I needed but thought I was going to have to buy full price. HE blessed me! HE blessed that trip!!

So, if you are struggling with obeying God, Just do it! Trust HIM! You will be glad you did!

Monday, November 08, 2010

Adoption Update

This past Sunday at church our pastor did an excellent sermon on adoption in honor of Orphan Sunday. As I set in my chair listening (as much as I can listen now that Princess T goes to church with us) I could not hold back the excitement in my heart that I have for our family and our future addition. I remember at one point Professor and I looking at each other and I could tell he was feeling the same excitement.

I guess I need to go back some and catch you up on where we are in this process and why all of sudden our hearts are filled with such excitement and anticipation. When God first began working with us on beginning this journey, we both had things that we felt needed to happen before we stepped forward. With this in mind neither of us felt comfortable committing to a time table for beginning this process. We just new it would be some point in the next year or so. We also had very strong feelings about going through an adoption agency (this is one thing that has held us back since it is quite pricey to go this route). Another thing that was holding us back was, to be perfectly honest, our own fears. How would we do this? 2 is hard enough, what would we do with 3? What about the birth families and what would happen should they decide at the last minute to go through with it or heaven forbid they come back in the picture later?

However, God, like He always does, has continued to work on us and remind us that HE is in control and He will be the one determining the time, not us! That being said, Professor and I are stepping out on faith. We have decided to officially put the word out that we are 100% ready to adopt! Now, at this point, the funds are not available to go through an agency, so we are opening the door for adopting privately. We know that this form of adoption does bear more risk than going through and agency, but we also know HE is in control! So, long story short....we were excited Sunday, because we have finally submitted to HIS plan and know that in His time we will have a baby to love, even if that means tomorrow.

Now, here is where you can help! Get the word out! If you know someone, or even if you know someone who knows someone, who has or is having a baby and would like to put their baby up for adoption, please keep us in mind. We have already told a couple people who have connections with hospitals, just in case there is mom who does not want to keep her baby. Please Please Please just be our ears and eyes so to speak and let us know if you hear of someone looking for a good home for their baby!

Also, please continue to pray for us! God is in control and we want to be so sensitive to His plans and timing.