Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Drive On

Last night Little One and Wild Man went to bed so easily and went right to sleep (that is why I got to blog last night). The Prof and I were so excited! We had some quality one on one time and then got to work finishing some things around the house. We worked hard doing luandry, cleaning the kitchen (okay, so the Prof did). I had emails to reply to, a blog to catch up on and something other Initials work I needed to catch up. We finished everything about 11:30 and began making our way to bed. Then the unthinkable happened. Both kids woke up! Little One woke up first and in the process of getting her to go back to sleep, Wild Man woke up. Before we knew it is was 12:30 and both kids were awake, refusing to go to sleep. So, we did something we have not done in a long time. We piled up in the car at 12:30 am and drove around.

Little One thought this nightime ride was just for her. She talked and laughed and did everything but try to go to sleep.

Wild Man decided that it was fun to make Little One talk and laugh even more, so he made it his goal to encourage the no sleeping.

About 10 minutes into the drive, The Prof and I decide that they need Benedryl. So (since we wanted to keep then in the car) we stopped at CVS. No please remember, I am in my PJs (well shorts and tank - not something I would wear during the day). I get out of the car, go in and buy the Benedryl. I am sure the guy at the check out felt sorry for me, coming into CVS looking like that and buying children's Benedryl. I get back in the car and give one to Little One and one to Wild Man. Little One must have thought I had given her candy, because she immediately put her hand to ask for more. When I told her she could not have more, she was not happy.

At this point The Prof and I decide that maybe a little midnight snack might help. So, we pull into the Burger King at 1 am. Honestly this is the first time in my life that I think I have gone to BK at 1 am. Let me just tell you, there is a reason why the people that work there at 1 am work there at 1 am. The managers are very smart people. This poor little girl who took our order had absolutely no clue what she was doing. But, we got our order and she told us how cute our kids were, and the kids got to eat a midnight snack. Then it was back to the driving.

We drove around until almost 1:30 am, then came home and the kids went to sleep. I was sure they would both sleep in this morning, but I was wrong. I do not know how they can have so much energy after a night like last night. It will never make sense to me.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Is this normal?

Wild Man has learned how to dress himself now. It is a wonderful thing for us, because now I all I have to do is pick out his clothes, hand them to him, and then he does the rest (unless it is a day he gets to pick his own clothes). I really love watching him dress himself because I get to see such a sense of accomplishment on his face when he is done. He is always so proud of himself. However, there is one thing that he does that I just do not understand. After I give him his clothes he does this.....

Yes, that is right, he lays them out on the floor just like that. He does this everytime before he gets dressed. It is sort of funny and concerning at the same time. Is this normal? Should I be worried? I did not know that 3 year olds did stuff like this. I am sort of amazed. Look, he even puts the underwear in the right place (under the shorts). All I have to say is, whether it is normal or not, I am so glad he loves to dress himself now!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Spotted Cubes

I believe that sometimes, as Christians (or, really I should say Southern Baptist), we make life a little too complicated. Here is an example...

The Prof and I teach 4th grade Sunday School at our church. Like all good Southern Baptist Churches we use LifeWay material. This morning I was reading to the instructions that go along with a game that was in the material for us to play. It was a great game that really helped the children discuss ways we can show forgiveness, in a fun manner. Anyway, when I got to the second instruction, I got very confused. Here is what it said..."Have the child role the spotted cube and move the amount of spaces indicated." (or something to that nature) Well, me, in my lovely blonde world, started to look for the pattern to this "spotted cube" in my material. I could not find it, so, I reread the instructions, thinking maybe I had read something wrong. Finally, after about 5 times of reading it, I figured it out! Spotted Cube = Die ...Duh!! I mean why did I not know that? Of course, as Southern Baptist, we would never have Dice in our Sunday School classes. That would just be horrible. We will just rename them and then it will all be okay?!

Why, as Christians, do we do this to ourselves? I can assure you that every kid sitting at that table had atleast one game at home that had dice. Do you really honestly think that a fourth grader would think, "Oh, my teachers must think it is okay for me to gamble, since we are playing with dice at church"? I seriously doubt it. But, until us Southern Baptist quit focussing on the little things that don't matter...we will only be playing with spotted cubes in our Sunday School class.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

New Tricks!!

Check out what Little One can do now! We are so excited! Sorry the video is a little dark, but you can still see it. Enjoy!

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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Wild Man's Week

So, this has been a week for Wild Man. He is has been a mess this whole week. It all started last Sunday when we started making him sleep in his room, with Little One. He has never slept well in the same room with Little One. We havn't really faught it either, because life has been crazy and it was just one more battle that we didn't have to fight. Now that Prof in break from school for a few weeks, we decided to tackle the battle. We had no clue how much "fun" it would be.

We made it through the first two night okay. The only issue was Little One and Wild Man talking for an hour or so before they went to sleep, but nothing major.

Tuesday night was when the real "fun" began. Wild Man figured out that he could really enjoy this bed time thing. The first time I went his room, he had turned his light back on and was reading. Okay, no big deal...I turned the light off and told him to go to sleep. However, the next time I went in he had gone into his bathroom and was making some sort of mixture with the bubble bath, soap, toothpaste, diaper cream, and my make up (which I might add took some climbing to get to). There was bubble bath all over the floor and door and all over Wild Man. Needless to say, I was not real happy...but all I could do was laugh. We cleaned everything up and he went back to bed. Prof and I were watching a movie, so we went back to the movie. Next thing we know, Wild Man has cracked his door open and giving us a puppet show with a stuffed rabbit from Little One's collection of stuffed animals. We laughed and then told him to go back to bed. Finally he went to sleep.

On Wednesday morning we all slept in, because Prof did not have to go to work. Normally, Wild Man comes to wake us up. However, he had other plans this morning. In fact, he found the pack of cookies Prof had bought the night before (which amazingly enough was unopened) and decided it would be best to let us sleep. At 8 am I woke up and turned on cartoons for him and told him to stay on that couch. I did not look at his room at all, because Little One was still asleep. I went back to bed. I dosed in and out making sure he was not into anything, but everytime I woke up he was where he needed to be. At 10 am Prof got up, because Little One was finally awake and he wanted to let me sleep in (isn't he so nice?!). Next thing I know he is saying, in a rather loud and urgent voice, "Amanda, you have to get up and come see this!" So, I hop up and run into the living room. He proceeds to tell me that he knows why Little One slept so long and that I should just go look in her bed. When I get to their room and look in the bed I could not believe my eyes. There was the pack of cookies! Only, it had been opened and about 80% of it had been eaten. The other 20% was all crumbs! The whole pack of cookies...GONE! At some point Wild Man had gotten up, gotten the pack of cookies, opened them, and then given them to Little One. What a mess! Wednesday was spent cleaning their bathroom and bed room, as you can imagine. I wish that I had taken pictures, but my mind was not even thinking about that in the moment.

The next few days were not so eventful. The only problem we had was convincing Wild Man that he can not get in bed with Little One. Her bed is not made for both of them. One of those nights I heard them in there just laughing and having the best time. I stuck my head in the door to tell Wild Man to get back in bed. His response was, "I am in bed!" He was right. He was in a bed...in Little One's bed with her! I mad him get out. The only other struggle we have had with this sleeping in his own room deal is that before he goes to sleep he puts on about 5 different outfits. We are still trying to figure out how to stop this.

Then on Saturday, the "fun" continued. Saturday morning we woke up about 9ish to the kids laughing and such. I went in the room to find Wild Man in bed with Little One and his basket of markers. Yes, the markers were in the bed too! So, you can imagine what I saw next. Here, imagine no more....take a look for yourself....

Let's just say, we are all very glad that he used his washable marker. He also drew a "T" on Little One's leg, but I did not get a picture of it, sorry.

I am sure that one day we will be glad we faught this battle now. But until then, we will be cleaning his room a lot more and most likely cleaning more messes. As a side note....Little One is not off the hook on this one. She starts most of the laughing and talking at night. She is really enjoying have someone else in the room with her at bed time. I do not even want to begin to think about what life will be like when she is not in a crib....life is fun!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Man of Many Talents

If you know the Professor, then you know that he is super smart. I mean he is beyond smart. I can not even begin to describe how smart he is. He is not just book smart. He can do just about anything he puts his mind to doing. When we first moved to seminary and were too poor for me to get my haircut, he looked online and learned how to cut hair. He did great job too! However, I did start going to get my haircut once we could afford it. Anyway, he just has this way of knowing how to do things.

A few months ago, we bought some material to recover our kitchen table chairs. I finally decided I wanted to recover them last night. I knew that I would need some help, so when the Professor got home from class we sat down to work on it. What happened next amazed me. The Professor just took over and did it all! How blessed am I??!! I am married to a man who knows how to recover chairs too! Wow! He did a great job. Take a look......

Monday, July 02, 2007

Rain Rain Go Away

If you watch or keep up with the news at all, then you know that we have been getting our fair share of rain, plus some, here in North Texas. We have not had one day where it did not rain in the last 2-3 weeks. Honestly, I am ready for it to change. I do not mind rain every once in a while, because I know that we need it. However, considering we have already well beyond our yearly average of rain, and it is only July 2, I think it is fair for me to say that I am ready for it to not rain for a while, and I have a feeling I am not the only one. We have not been affected by the flooding, but it is all over the news. People all around us are be affected by the amounts of rain we have been receiving. Last week alone, 6 children died, due to fast flowing water. There are people begin evacuated from their homes on a daily basis (not so much this week - but a lot last week). I do realize that there are bigger and more important issues in the world, but right now I would just like for the rain to go away. I would like to be able to go outside and have sunshine all day long! The kids are also due for some good swim time. Rain is in the forecast for the rest of the week here, but maybe next week it will go away....or maybe not.