Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mr. Edward

It has been a while since I have posted.  There is not a day that passes that I do not think about my sweet grandma.  I am still reminding myself on a daily basis that she is no longer here.  She will not be calling to check on me and we will not be having lunch anytime soon.  As sad and depressing as that sounds as soon as those thought cross my mind they immediately shift to thoughts about her worshiping Jesus and loving on all the sweet babies and young children that friends of mine have lost over the years.  I think about the perfect body she has and all the sadness goes away.  How can I be sad?  Yes, I am sad for me, but not for her!

I also think a lot about the last month I had with her.  I have already written about Mrs. Louise and her impact on my life.  I want to share with about someone else who made a huge difference in my grandma's life by doing something that you and I would probably consider so small. 

Mr. Edward (I can not remember his last name) is sweet man in his 60's or 70's.  He has been working with St. Dominic's for almost his whole working career.  He is not a doctor.  He is not a nurse.  He is not a chaplain.  So what does he do you ask?  He transports people from the main hospital to the cancer center building.  Yep!  That's his job!  He would come in help move my grandma from her bed to wheelchair, wheel her to the van, drive across the street, and wheel her to the waiting room.  He has been doing this so long, that he remembered her from the first time she had cancer and she remembered him.  He was sweet and gentle with her frail little body.  He came in the room just whistling away to himself.  He would make sure the wheelchair had enough cushion and then he would move her over.  Once in the chair he would wrap her up in blanket so she wouldn't get cold.  Then, with a smile on his face he would wheel her to the van and get her situated.  He never really talked much, but you knew he loved what he did and that He loved Jesus! Grandma loved him.  The last day she had treatment while at the hospital she made sure we had a little gift to give him and she hugged and kissed on the cheek as he was leaving. 

So what did I learn from him?  Well, we have put so many levels on jobs these days.  I mean who really wants to have a job driving patients from one building to another all day long?!?!  However, Mr. Edward knew that is what God called him to do, so he did it amazingly!  He put into action exactly what it means to do everything unto to the Lord.  I pray that whatever God calls me to do, even if the world thinks its a little task, I will do it will all that is in me, as unto the Lord.

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